Ondatlc: the plan is to implement an innovation hub and one production center in Italy


Ansa.it, Nuova Europa english version: articolo del 30 Ottobre 2019

Thanks to Compal partnership on 5G platform, onda will open an innovation hub in Roma and Trieste.

This is what the Klagenfurt-based company Ondatlc (Austria) that in 2017 acquired the Italian Onda, is planning for the coming months.

It will be a center of innovation where young engineers and computer scientists will be able to develop new telecommunications products, in collaboration with the main operators in the sector in Italy. In Trieste, thanks also to the facilities of the Free Port, Ondatlc will open, again by 2021, a center for assembly, testing and control of the production process, especially of 5G components imported from Asia, and in fact, Ondatlc has just partnered with Compal (Taiwan).

Ondatlc is the first company in Europe to test and trade components of the 5G platform



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